Being a parent requires availability and organization, especially when we add work, daily chores, and extra-curricular activities to family life. It can sometimes be difficult to find quality time with our family and children. Nevertheless, sharing privileged moments is very important for a child and essential to their development.

Why spending time with family is so important?

  • Provides the child a feeling of being loved and a sense of security;
  • Creates bonds within the family circle: development of bonds with siblings’ and/or with parents allows children to confide more easily when needed;
  • Increases acceptance of others: spending time together helps us get to know and understand each other’s personality better. This allows the child to develop adaptability, empathy, patience and understanding;
  • Reinforces self-esteem: children who develop strong and solid bonds with those around them tend to have better self-esteem;
  • Creates happy memories;
  • Relieves stress and anxiety: being with people we love and participating in fun daily activities, provides peace and serenity.

Here are some tips on how to get there, without feeling guilty!

Tip #1: Get Organized!

You may find it difficult to be totally available to your child, and they may feel it.

To start successfully:

  • Develop a schedule: write out some activities you’d like to do and set priorities;
  • Try to work on certain things after your child is in bed: this will allow you to make the most of the free time with your child;
  • Set deadlines: this helps you feel less overwhelmed;
  • Book one weekend per month where you devote free time to your children and family.

Tip #2: Involve your kids!

  • Provide them daily chores to complete with you: your child will be proud, and it can help teach them to be more self-sufficient. Obviously, you would go much faster if you did it yourself, but isn’t it more fun doing it together?
  • Go shopping together to choose different games; get advice if necessary, then choose a game in which everyone would like to play.

Tip #3: Create new family traditions!

  • Don’t wait for holidays or big family events to spend time with your loved ones;
  • Sign up for parent-child activities: there are many sports and/or leisure organizations that offer family activities;
  • Create traditions: organize a dinner for the hockey game or plan a Sunday movie night;
  • Ask everyone to put their cell phone aside and enjoy the moment.

What to keep in mind!

  • Having special moments with your children is essential;
  • The most important thing is not the duration but the frequency of family moments;
  • Developing a relationship of trust with your children takes time;
  • Daily activities are opportunities to spend time with your child;
  • Don’t feel guilty! The perfect parent does not exist; they just do their best.