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First of all, we thank you for taking to heart the development of children and their protection from any form of abuse or violence. You are a key player in helping youth reach their full potential!

You will find in this section information about our workshops offered to schools and youth-serving organizations, trainings available to professionals, as well as multiple resources and activities to realize with your clientele.

What you need to know … A Runaway and Sexual Exploitation Prevention Program

In order to reduce the risk of a child running away and finding himself at risk of becoming a victim of sexual exploitation, it is important to focus on his protective factors. It is for this reason that the SHINE program was developed back in 2017, and is now deployed throughout Quebec.

Our positive approach invites students to participate actively without unduly frightening them, a sentiment that could be generated when discussing sexual exploitation. We focus on building the students’ self-esteem, helping them establish boundaries, develop healthy relationships, and sharpen their critical thinking regarding gender stereotypes. By approaching these topics in an open and engaging way, youth are better protected: they can assert themselves and ask for help if needed.

*Definition of sexual exploitation:
More and more highlighted in Quebec, sexual exploitation can take many forms: prostitution, pornography, stripping, dancing topless, escort services or erotic massages. Minors cannot consent to these activities because they are vulnerable and those in a position of authority  abuse their power and control.


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